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Collect orders from customers at curbside and proximity of your restaurant
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Wifi Waiter is a contactless mobile ordering solution for both, dine-in guests and online pre-order service. It fits the need of all formats of restaurants like fast casual restaurant, quick service restaurant and fine dine restaurant. It is also a great fit for marketplaces like food halls, breweries, event venues, stadiums, sports arenas, entertainment venues, and airports. Guests/ patrons at the venue can avoid waiting in lines at the counter and place an order from their phone, by simply connecting to our wifi. The restaurants can also enable ordering from their websites and social media pages by simply integrating a link to our ordering portal

Our patent pending technology converts wifi log-in screen into an app experience and mobile payment channel for customers inside the restaurant and in proximity. This helps the business offer a personalized ordering experience while avoiding long lines at the counter or bar. This is also very useful at large properties where customers are on the move, like shopping complexes, malls, events, concerts, etc.

Since the Covid19 pandemic, most people are practicing social distance and prefer a self ordering solution at restaurants than crowding at the counter. There are also new requirements like providing single use menus. Wifi Waiter offers a whitelabled portal with a digital menu, ordering and secure payment solution that makes the ordering process completely contactless.  Guests order from their own phone, without need of downloading any app. Restaurants that have food runners delivering the food to the table get the order with table number notification. Other restaurants that operate in quick service format and require the customer to pickup the order form the counter, can send a text notification to the guests to pick up the order when ready.

Wifi Waiter can be accessed by either connecting to our wifi at the venue or scan the QR code. Simple messages can be placed on table tents and posters, to inform the guests about the ordering service. While these are different approaches to access the service, both are very user friendly and most guests with a smart phone are well educated about these features on their phones.

After the order has been placed, the restaurant is notified of the new order through a tablet application installed at the PoS counter. Our pre-configured tablets integrate easily with the PoS and sends order prints to the existing kitchen station and bar station printers. This way the order fulfillment process is seamless as the staff is already trained to process orders that get printed through the station printers.

Wifi Waiter processes payment securely through PCI-DSS compliant payment processing partner – Stripe. They are one of the largest online payment processors in the world.

While the primary benefit is to improve guest experience, the platform also identifies loyal customers and delivers a personalized ordering experience by recording their order history. Guests can also save their credit card information on the platform for an easy one click ordering experience.

Wifi Waiter delivers an unsolicited ordering experience, that leads to guests selecting more items and add-ons to their orders. This has been proven through data, where 53% of the orders collected included add-ons or modifiers that lead to an increase in ticket size by 22% on average.

Wifi Waiter collects consumer data and behavior that allows the restaurant to run targeted marketing campaigns and increase loyal customer base. Wifi Waiter has also helped improve social media ratings and reviews for the restaurant.

Helping Restaurant Industry Address Covid-19

The entire restaurant industry has been affected due to the pandemic and all concepts need to reset their operations to address safety standards both of their customers and staff. Contactless ordering, Curbside pickup and Social distant waiter service are critical requirements for the industry.

Wifi Waiter addresses all these critical requirements and has launched a new partnership model that makes these solutions free of cost for the restaurants. We don’t charge any commission to the restaurant but offer the service directly to consumers for a small service fee. If you would like to know more please send in your application to join our network.

Fasl, Easy & Secure
Connect to Wifi Waiter > Select items > Secured Payment > Relax!
Fast, Easy & Secure
Pick Items
Easy integration into your PoS
Auto Print Order Tickets
Wifi Waiter automatically sends order tickets to your PoS station printers and receipt printers.
Order Ready Text
Wifi Waiter send text notification to the customer when the order is ready to be picked up.
Easy Menu Management
Wide range of menu management features available like 86 item, happy hour, day of week menu items, etc.
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