Wifi Waiter FAQ

Questions by Marketplace

No! Wifi Waiter integrates into your existing wifi network. You only need to configure Wifi Watier as a third party captive portal on your existing network. Below are some of the network solutions used by our existing customers:

  • Cisco Meraki
  • Cisco
  • Ruckus Wireless
  • Aruba Networks
  • Mist
  • Unbiquiti
  • OpenMesh
  • Any other network solution that supports third party captive portal authentication.

Wifi Waiter is integrated with online payment gateway – Stripe. Users can pay using their credit card or debit card.

Vendors register on our platform along with authorization of Stripe’s payment gateway. Stripe makes direct deposit to vendor’s bank account regularly. Further details of their service and charges are available on – stripe.com

The venue has to market the service through table tents, banners, posters, etc. Wifi Waiter provides marketing designs and template that the venue could use.

No. To offer free wifi, the venue will have to create a separate SSID and offer the internet. Wifi Waiter gives restricted access only to the ordering portal to make the transaction safe and secure.

Users can simply connect to the wifi again when they want to order and the order portal will automatically load up on the log-in screen.

All versions of iOS, Android and Windows phones are supported. Other devices like tablets and laptops can also access the portal by connecting to the wifi.

Questions by Restaurants

Wifi Waiter tablet application sends the order to your kitchen printer or receipt printer automatically. This can be configured on the tablet application.

Wifi Waiter tablet application gives you an option to disable specific items from the menu. This will instantly remove the items from the ordering portal. You can switch them back on when you are ready to offer the item again.

The tablet application has an option to suspend orders for limited time using the allow order button. This will give your staff a chance to get the kitchen operations back in order.

Wifi Waiter is integrated with Stripe to process payment. The payment is processed securely and the amount is transferred to your bank account by Stripe. Further details regarding payment processing are available on stripe.com

You can send a text message to the customer from the tablet application when the order is ready. This notifies the customer to come to the counter to collect their order.

Wifi Waiter tablet app allows you to cancel the whole order and make a refund to the customer. However, if you require to make a partial refund, this can only be done through Stripe’s dashboard. You can access Stripe’s dashboard through their website or through their app.

Wifi Waiter integrates with PoS network to send orders to existing kitchen printers, receipt printers and bar printers. We also support third party integration platforms for backend integration with PoS systems.

Wifi Waiter Manager – web app, allows you to manage the menu. You can add/update/ delete items. Each item has price, description, size and add-on specifications. You can also configure categories for different time of day, day of week.

Questions by Consumers

Go to wifi settings on your phone and connect to Wifi Waiter. The name of the wifi is usually set to “Wifi Waiter @ [venue name]”. After connection to the wifi the log-in page automatically loads up on most phones. In some Android phones, you will get a notification to sign-in, which you have to tap on to access the ordering portal.

No. Wifi Waiter doesn’t provide access to internet. It only allows access to the ordering portal.

You will get a text message when the order is ready, or the service staff will bring the order to you at the table. You can disconnect from the wifi and log back in when you want to order again.

The menu shows descriptions of ingredients. If it doesn’t give you enough information, you can ask the staff at the counter or include instructions while confirming the order to avoid any ingredients you don’t want.

You will have to make a refund request to the staff at the counter. They can either resolve the issue, or refund you the amount. You will get a confirmation text message on the refund.

On some phones, the log-in screen might not load up automatically. In this case, open the browser and open abcd.com. If the ordering portal is not loading up, then you are not connected to the network correctly, check wifi settings.

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